All the hard work is done for you !

Based on your initial setup and ongoing data input, our Science Based Software will optimize your training for better results:
Tracking and Progression
  • Tracks your Volume, e1RM, Hypertrophic Reps & Hypertrophic Volume
  • Calculates the actual number of Reps you did per set that induce muscle growth
  • Shows you charts and graphs of your workout history
  • Tracks your physique progress with photos
  • Automatically saves all your training data so you’ll never lose your data
  • Automatically calculates your starting weights and rep ranges for every Mesocycle
  • Automatically calculates your weights, reps, and sets for your next training session
  • Help you get bigger and stronger from month-to-month and year-to-year.
Thinks Like Your Coach
  • ​What combination of muscles you should train
  • What days you should train
  • What weight to use
  • How many reps you should aim for per set
  • How many sets you should do per muscle per session
  • How much volume and intensity you’ll be doing
  • When to De-load (Take a break for recovery and increase muscle hypertrophy)