All the hard work is done for you !

Based on your initial setup and ongoing data input, our Science Based Software will optimize your training for better results:
Tracking and Progression
  • Tracks your Volume, e1RM, Hypertrophic Reps & Hypertrophic Volume
  • Calculates the actual number of Reps you did per set that induce muscle growth
  • Shows you charts and graphs of your workout history
  • Tracks your physique progress with photos
  • Automatically saves all your training data so you’ll never lose your data
  • Automatically calculates your starting weights and rep ranges for every Mesocycle
  • Automatically calculates your weights, reps, and sets for your next training session
  • Help you get bigger and stronger from month-to-month and year-to-year.
Thinks Like Your Coach
  • ​What combination of muscles you should train
  • What days you should train
  • What weight to use
  • How many reps you should aim for per set
  • How many sets you should do per muscle per session
  • How much volume and intensity you’ll be doing
  • When to De-load (Take a break for recovery and increase muscle hypertrophy)

We're not ready to release the software to the public yet. However, we are looking for a handful of Alpha Testers before we make it available to everyone.

If you help us test our software, we'll give you and a friend 12 months FREE usage when we go live.

Alpha Testing is a type of acceptance testing performed to identify all possible issues/glitches before releasing the software to everyday users.

Simply fill in the form below and we'll contact you with login details.

You must have access to Dumbbells, Barbells and possibly some Machines.

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