Train More Efficiently and Effectively and Get Better Results.


Our Science Based Workout App uses Proven Training Principles to help you get the physique you want from the Ultimate Beachbody to Physique or Bodybuilding Competition.
Like an experienced Personal Coach, our software first designs your ideal training program and then optimises your training results via Progression Principles and automatically adjusts Training Volume based on your training feedback.
Being a Gym App, you need access to Dumbbells, Barbells or Machines where we can apply the Scientifically Proven Training Principles that guarantee to help build your muscles and increase your strength.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Getting Confused

We’ve taken 8 of the most popular training plans used in Gyms worldwide and have coded them with a unique Muscle Hypertrophy Algorithm utilising scientifically proven Hypertrophy Training Principles that primarily focus on Frequency,  Load,  Volume,  Intensity,  Progression and Recovery.

We’ve also incorporated
“Autoregulation” in the Algorithm which provides automatic control over
certain variables during the Mesocycle.

The best part is that all the hard work is done for you and it only takes 15 minutes to set up!

No need to listen to podcasts or watch YouTube about how best to train.

No need to read training articles.

No need to buy books about strength and muscle hypertrophy.

No need to design your own training plans.

No need to guess or calculate anything.

Your entire Training Plan, including muscle groups, sets, reps, intensity, volume, weight and de-loads are programmed within 15 minutes of signing up and automatically re-programmed after every training session to keep you in the Hypertrophic Zone.

8 Training Plans for Guys and 8 for Girls!

Based on your initial setup and ongoing data input, our online software will tell you:
  • What combination of muscles you should train
  • When you should train
  • What weight to use
  • How many reps you should aim for
  • How many sets you should do
  • How much volume and intensity you’ll be doing
  • When to de-load – Take a break for recovery